New and improved timesheet for non-exempt University Staff, TEs, and student hourly employees

Effective July 29, a new and improved timesheet will make reporting time and requesting absences easier and more convenient.

New user friendly features will include:

  • Request, edit and cancel absences right on your timesheet – with the convenience of managing your absences on your timesheet, the current Enter Absence and the Edit/Cancel Absence buttons in the Time and Absence portal app will no longer display.
  • New alert icons – will allow you to view the status of submitted time/absence requests on your timesheet.
  • Columns that have been reordered, renamed, and condensed – will allow you to see clearer labels for shift in, shift out, break in, and break out. The add/remove and plus/minus buttons, and the comp time column will be moved. These and other changes will make the most used components of the timesheet visible without scrolling.
  • A New ‘copy from previous period’ button – will allow you to copy hours from the previous pay period.
  • A feature to delete multiple rows at once will be available.

If you are paid monthly, but record hours on your timesheet for Affordable Care Act (ACA) purposes, you will now be able to manage your absence requests on your timesheet. You will also retain the ability to manage absences through the Time and Absence portal app.

A video explaining the changes is found at Additional resources are found at (click on “Review resources” at the bottom of the article and log in using your NetID and password). It is suggested that you take some time to review these resources.

The transition to the new timesheet will occur during the middle of a pay period. All timesheet and absence entries made during the first week of the pay period will transfer seamlessly into the new timesheet format to account for absence entries that employees may have done in the portal during the first week of this pay period. All timesheet entries for the complete pay period will appear on the new timesheet.

Questions regarding the new timesheet should be directed to your departmental payroll coordinator.