Babcock, Neutrino, Crazylegs, and Berry are no longer just Babcock Hall Dairy Plant ice cream references — they’re now the names of four peregrine falcon chicks that recently hatched near Madison Gas and Electric’s Blount Street power plant in Madison. Last week, they officially received their names and tracking bands, and MGE worked with the dairy plant to develop the names.

“We make probably 50 different flavors of ice cream every year. We love the idea that some of those flavors could live on through MGE’s peregrine falcon chicks and we’re thrilled to be a part of it,” plant manager Bill Klein said Tuesday in a statement to WISC-TV in Madison.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that MGE’s falcon program started almost 20 years ago when Steve Schultz, the company’s director of energy production, helped his son build a nesting box. The story goes on to describe the inspirational ice cream flavors in mouthwatering detail.

Learn more about MGE’s falcon stewardship here.