Request for applicants, reviewers: O.N. Allen Soil and Environmental Microbiology Small-Grants Program

The UW-Madison Department of Soil Science is pleased to announce a small-grant opportunity for UW-Madison graduate students and postdocs studying soil and environmental microbiology, supported by the O.N. Allen professorship in Soil Science, the WID Multi-Omics Hub, the Department of Plant Pathology, and the Department of Bacteriology. The department is requesting proposals for up to $2,500 to support research in soil and environmental microbiology. Proposals will be reviewed by an NSF-style panel of students and postdocs with broad scientific backgrounds, and 15 awards are expected to be made in 2018. Proposals are due May 25, 2018. Full instructions can be downloaded here.

The department is also soliciting graduate student and postdoc review panelists who will not be submitting grants but are interested in gaining experience on an NSF-style review panel. If you are interested in serving on the review panel, please contact