CALS In the News for the Week of April 14 – April 20

Rampage may stoke CRISPR fears, but scientists say it could be educational, too
The Verge, 4/18/2018
Quoted: Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication

Chronic Wasting Disease: Real Risk or Irrational Hype? 
Undark, 4/18/2018
Quoted: Jeff Sindelar, Animal Sciences

Smith: Wisconsin program includes hunting in education of future natural resources leaders 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/13/2018
Quoted: Jamie Nack, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Quoted: Scott Craven, Emeritus, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

2018 Farm Bill Could Better Safety Net For Wisconsin Dairy Producers
Wisconsin Public Radio, 4/13/2018
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Bill Berry: Science still matters at the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
The Cap Times, 4/16/2018
Quoted: Bill Barker, Associate Dean of Research

Females May Reign in Future of Farming 
Door County Pulse, 4/20/2018
Quoted: Kent Weigel, Dairy Science
Quoted: Sara Griswold, Student, Life Sciences Communication

Farming the Peninsula: Inflation of Agricultural Education
Door County Pulse, 4/13/2018
Quoted: Kent Weigel, Dairy Science

Dominique Brossard – Communicating Science in New Media Environments, 4/21/2018
Quoted: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication

Support your local meat science department
The National Provisioner, 4/18/2018
Mentioned: Jeff Sindelar, Animal Sciences
Mentioned: UW-Madison meat science program

CALS Dean Wants to See Changes to Education Programs 
Wisconsin Ag Connection, 4/20/2018
Written by: Kate VandenBosch, Dean

Dairy facility to see overhaul 
The Country Today, 4/16/2018
Mentioned: UW-Madison Center for Dairy Research
Mentioned: UW-Madison Babcock Hall Dairy Plant

Construction costs outpace estimates
Agri-View, 4/17/2018
Quoted: Dick Straub, Senior Associate Dean
Mentioned: UW-Madison Center for Dairy Research
Mentioned: UW-Madison Babcock Hall Dairy Plant

Wisconsin and the impact of foreign exports
Wisconsin State Farmer, 4/16/2018
Co-written by: Steven Deller, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Co-written by: Tessa Conway, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Diet, methane emissions studied 
AgriView, 4/18/2018
Quoted: Elias Uddin, Student, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Michel Wattiaux, Dairy Science

Leave forage ash in dirt
AgriView, 4/20/2018
Quoted: Dan Undersander, Agronomy

Data integrated to support decisions
AgriView, 4/16/2018
Quoted: Di Liang, Student, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Victor Cabrera, Dairy Science

Expert: MPP changes offer enrollment benefits 
The Country Today, 4/16/2018
Quoted: Brian Gould, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Wisconsin NAMA Team Wins National Championship
Wisconsin Farm Report, 4/17/2018
Quoted: Sarah Botham, Life Sciences Communication
Quoted: Alison Wedig, Life Sciences Communication

Wins National Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge
Wisconsin Farm Report, 4/19/2018
Mentioned: Ted Halbach, Dairy Science
Mentioned: David Combs, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Charles Hamilton, Student, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Anthony Schmitz, Student, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Logan Voigts, Student, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Connor Willems, Student, Dairy Science

Jorgensen Earns ACA Young Leader Scholarship
Wisconsin Ag Connection, 4/19/2018
Lauren Jorgensen, Student, Agronomy & Forest and Wildlife Ecology

UW Family Gardening Day is May 5 
Morning Ag Clips, 4/18/2018
Mentioned: Allen Centennial Garden
Mentioned: D.C. Smith Greenhouse
Mentioned: Babcock Hall Dairy Store

Of Interest

First gene drive targeting worldwide crop pest
Morning Ag Clips, 4/18/2018