Arlington Ag Research Station receives Yahara Pride Farms certification

Representatives from Arlington ARS receive the Yahara Pride Farms certification. Left to right: Kim Meyer, former Assistant Superintendent; Mike Bertram, Superintendent; Scott Evans, Assistant Superintendent; Shawn Wheeler, UW Ag Supervisor.

Arlington Agricultural Research Station was among three new farms recognized for receiving certification from Yahara Pride Farms (YPF), during the group’s watershed-wide conference held on March 7,

YPF is a farmer-led non-profit organization working to improve soil and water quality. The group strives to help advance new ideas and technology that balance water quality improvement with farm sustainability and profitability.

The certification program is designed to help farmers identify the strengths and weaknesses of their farming system, facilities and landscapes. The voluntary program helps farmers document how their farm protects soil and water quality while identifying high-risk situations and practices that need to be modified. It demonstrates the dedication of farms to minimizing their impacts on the Yahara Watershed.

To learn more, read the full news release from Yahara Pride Farms.