Spring issue of Grow looks at the human gut, the possibility of precision medicine and more

The spring issue of Grow magazine has arrived in mailboxes, and it’s also available online in multiple formats. Feature stories include the following:

  • COVER STORY: Gut Dwellers – CALS scientists delve into the microbial communities in our digestive tracts — and their implications for our health.
  • A Precise Hope – With gene editing — and pigs — CALS scientists are developing a model for “precision medicine,” the possibility of highly individualized treatment for patients living with the rare disease called NF1.
  • The Method Maker – Gerry Weiss, a Grant County farmer, scientist, and permaculturist, recounts a lifetime of innovation and collaboration with CALS and UW-Extension.

A wide range of other content includes dairy-based switchel, space plants, mongoose tracking in Puerto Rico, the science of spring flowering, and more.

Also, the Final Exam – your chance to win a box of cheese from Babcock Hall – has a new look this time around. Can you ace the test?