Information on CALS VoIP transition schedule

We finally have a transition schedule for the CALS-wide VoIP migration. Migrations for CALS academic departments and centers/institutes will occur from April – September 2018. The schedule has been posted to our KB and can be found at: or through the Transition Schedule sidebar link at

CALS IT will be providing a coordinating role for the VoIP rollout and will work closely with department/center administrators & local IT staff throughout the migration process. We will plan to reach out to each department/center as your transition date gets closer to provide further information.

Individuals may be asked to select calling features and VoIP equipment. The CALS IT office in room 216 Ag Hall has VoIP equipment available for you to look at to aid in your equipment choices. Please feel free to stop up anytime during normal business hours (7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

Questions can be sent to or to members of the CALS VoIP Project Team.


CALS VoIP Project Team

Charlene Krembs, Co-Lead
Angie Seitler, Co-Lead
Tom Hartman, Tech Lead