Canvas now used for nearly 90% of spring courses

With the campus transition coming to a close, nearly 90 percent of spring semester courses previously in D2L and Moodle have now made the move to the Canvas. The Canvas Transition Team is continuing to assist with the transition by providing numerous in-person and online support resources.

Student data is NOT retained by the “Canvas Migration”

With our campus-wide transition from D2L and Moodle to Canvas, we want to address some concerns that have surfaced regarding, exactly, what data is being captured and migrated to Canvas.

All migrations of courses from either D2L or Moodle, over to Canvas, that is performed by DoIT Academic Technology, only includes course data and content that was generated by the instructor.

That means, during DoIT AT’s migration activities, NO STUDENT DATA is retained. That includes:

– Names (as in, the student roster)
– Grades
– Files submitted to satisfy assignments
– Comments attached to those submitted files
– Quiz submissions
– Comments added to discussions or topics

If you wish to retain student-specific information, we direct you to these two KnowledgeBase articles:

For D2L courses: How to Save Courses and Student Data:

For Moodle courses: Archive a course:

If you have a noncredit course with specific reporting needs, please contact Tom Kourakis at for assistance.

What’s new in Canvas

One of the latest Canvas updates contained changes to the new Gradebook. Instructors who choose to enable the New Gradebook can apply late and missing policies to course assignments, and submissions that need to be graded only display one assignment icon regardless of assignment type (*Note: If an instructor applies the late policies or even manually adjust the labels in the Grade Detail Tray, they may have difficulty reverting to “Gradebook 1.0”). Instructors can enable the New Gradebook on a per-course basis. Previously the New Gradebook could only be enabled on a per-course basis by a Canvas admin.

Find more detail in the official Canvas Production Release Notes.

Online and in-person training opportunities continue

Training opportunities continue to be available on campus, providing tips and tricks for how to get started, keeping students on track, managing files and grades, and more. See the full listing of training events to learn more, and to register.

If you need help or have any questions, please contact Tom Tabone at for assistance.