Seminar will address economics of carbon taxes and I-732 campaign – Oct. 25

The CALS community is invited to attend an upcoming talk about the economics of carbon taxes co-sponsored by the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics’ Resource and Energy Demand Analysis (REDA) program. Details are below:

Dr. Yoram Bauman, “the world’s first and only stand-up economist” will be presenting a seminar on Carbon Taxes and the I-732 campaign in Washington State. Bauman founded CarbonWA, a non-profit meant to create bi-partisan support for a revenue-neutral carbon tax in Washington State (I-732). The initiative became heavily politicized with environmental groups uniting against the policy, and it ultimately failed. Check out’s article for a detailed account of the issue. Bauman will discuss the economics of carbon taxes and share lessons learned from the I-732 campaign.

The seminar will be held Oct. 25 at 1 p.m. in room 1111 of the UW Biotechnology Center. The event is sponsored by REDA, the Wisconsin Energy Institute and the EAP program.