Douglas and Martha Maxwell awarded Nebraska Wesleyan University Medal of Honor

Douglas and Martha Maxwell

Douglas and Martha Maxwell were among a group of seven individuals recently honored by Nebraska Wesleyan University at the university’s Legends and Legacies banquet held during homecoming weekend Sept. 28 – Oct. 1.

Douglas and Martha were each awarded an Alumni Medal of Honor by the university. This award is given to alumni to recognize their outstanding life and career accomplishments.

Douglas spent 33 years at UW-Madison as a professor of plant pathology. He retired in 2001 having trained scientists from 27 countries. His lab established the foundation for engineering transgenic, virus-resistant dry beans.

At Cornell University, Martha Maxwell was involved in early efforts to use DNA to study interrelationships among bird species. She became an electron microscopist in the School of Veterinary Medicine. She’s supported Doug’s research, assisting in the lab, collecting data and studying languages to facilitate their travels.

They both graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1963.