Jed Colquhoun and Heidi Zoerb part of award-winning UW-Extension group

Jed Colquhoun, horticulture professor and interim Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach, and Heidi Zoerb, Associate Dean for External Relations and Advancement, were part of a team that was recently recognized at the UW Colleges and UW-Extension Chancellor’s Award ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 21 in Madison.

Along with fellow UW-Extension Integration Work Group members Amber Canto, John deMontmollin, Carrie Edgar, Jeff Hoffman, Greg Johll, Julie Keown-Bomar, Karl Martin, Patrick Robinson and Ruth Schriefer, Colquhoun and Zoerb received the Award for Excellence, which recognizes the outstanding performance of an individual or group in any of several areas, including outstanding contributions to the UW Colleges or UW-Extension missions or strategic priorities, sustained excellence in providing support, the development of innovative programs, outstanding teaching, successful programming or exceptional efforts to build public support for UW Colleges or UW-Extension.

“UW Colleges and UW-Extension employees and partners work statewide to provide innovative education and services to students, business owners, farmers and citizens in every industry across Wisconsin,” said Cathy Sandeen, UW Colleges and UW-Extension Chancellor. “The Chancellor’s Awards recognize those individuals who’ve gone above and beyond in extending our mission to every corner of the state.”

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