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Share with students: How to address incidents of hate and bias

The following is a recent message from Jeffrey S. Russell, vice provost for lifelong learning and Dean of the UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies:

Dear UW-Madison faculty and staff members,

As your Summer Term Dean and colleague, I am writing on behalf of the UW-Madison Bias Response Advisory Board, to reiterate UW-Madison’s enduring commitment to all members of our diverse campus community.

 Despite our best efforts, people here occasionally experience incidents of bias and hate. When that happens, many of us aren’t sure how to respond, intervene, or offer support. UW-Madison is working to prevent such situations — addressing all reported incidents seriously, promptly, and sensitively. Bias and hate are incongruent with our fundamental values, and the emergence of such behavior underscores the challenge we face to ensure everyone here feels safe, welcomed, valued, and supported.

 You can find more information about UW-Madison’s incident reporting system at If you witness an emergency or a crime, please call 911 immediately or contact the UW Police Department. You may also report incidents in-person to the Dean of Students Office, 70 Bascom Hall, during normal business hours. Reportable incidents include crimes such as vandalism or physical assault, as well as non-academic misconduct, slurs, and intimidation. Anyone who files a report will have the opportunity to meet with the Bias Response and Advocacy Coordinator, so that we can meet their needs and ensure their safety.

Please share this information with all Summer Term students. If you can, please take time to discuss the profound impact that bias and hate can have on our community. Encourage colleagues and students alike to intervene and report any behavior that harms our campus climate.  If you become aware of any such incident, please seek assistance from campus resources:  



Jeffrey S. Russell, P.E., Ph.D
Vice Provost for Lifelong Learning
Dean, Div. of Continuing Studies
21 N. Park St., Room 7238
Madison, WI  53715