CALS In the News for the Week of May 26 – June 2


The Story of Milwaukee’s Big 3 Frozen Custard Emporiums
Milwaukee Magazine, 5/26/2017
Quoted: Bill Klein, Food Science

Bill Would Establish Hunting Season For Groundhogs
Wisconsin Public Radio, 5/26/2017
Quoted: Stanley Temple, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Melanie Weberg: Speak out now to prevent a Wisconsin woodchuck hunt, 5/31/2017
Quoted: Stanley Temple, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Study shoots down narrative about hip-hop and violence
Channel, 6/01/2017
Quoted: Randy Stoecker, Community and Environmental Sociology

How silvopasture practices can serve you
Progressive Forage Grower, 6/01/2017
Quoted: Diane Mayerfeld, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Danielle Brown Joins USJersey Staff as Central Plains Area Representative
Hoards Dairyman, 5/30/2017
Mentioned: Danielle Brown, Alumna, Dairy Science and Life Sciences Communication

Megasphaera elsdenii & Milk Fat Depression
Hoards Dairyman, 5/26/2017
Mentioned: Paul Weimer, Bacteriology 

Logan Voigts joins CRV Team as Dairy Genetics Intern
Hoards Dairyman, 5/26/2017
Quoted: Logan Voigts, Student, Dairy Science

Wisconsin Holstein Association awards scholarships to members
Wisconsin State Farmer, 5/30/2017
Mentioned: Amanda Gehrke, Student, Farm and Industry Short Course
Mentioned: Meikah Dado, Student, Dairy Science and Life Sciences Communication

UW system to host Dairy Summit
Wisconsin State Farmer, 5/26/2017
Mentioned: Dean Kate VandenBosch, CALS Dean
Mentioned: Mark Stephenson, Center for Dairy Profitability
Mentioned: John Lucey, Center for Dairy Research.

Dairy Summit to be held June 19
Morning Ag Clips, 5/31/2017
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Research

Dodge dairy breakfasts earlier than usual
Wisconsin State Farmer, 5/22/2017
Mentioned: Carrie Warmkas, Alumna, Dairy Science

Milk prices expected to rise through end of year
Wisconsin Agriculturist, 5/30/2017
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Bacteria may supercharge the future of wastewater treatment
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 5/31/2017
Mentioned: Joshua Hamilton, Bacteriology

UW expertise a secret ingredient at Kerry’s R&D center in Beloit
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 5/26/2017
Quoted: Jack Maegli, Alumnus, Microbiology
Quoted: Ellen Morgan, Alumna, Food Science
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Research
Mentioned: Department of Food Science
Mentioned: Food Research Institute

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