Forest and Wildlife Ecology names dissertation award and McCabe-Keith scholarship winners

The UW-Madison Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology recently announced the recipients of the department’s Best Dissertation Awards and McCabe-Keith scholarships.

Best Dissertation Award winners

Selections for Best Dissertation Award are based on the originality and intellectual merit of the research, as well as the potential for the student to make a unique contribution to his or her field. This year’s two winners each received an award of $500.

The best dissertation in the subject of forestry was awarded to Catalina Munteanu for her dissertation on long-term land use trends and their legacies in the Carpathian Region of Eastern Europe.
Advisor: Volker Radeloff

The best dissertation in the subject of wildlife was awarded to Brendan Reid for his dissertation on the genetics and demography of Wisconsin turtles.
Advisor: Zach Peery

McCabe-Keith scholarship recipients

The McCabe-Keith scholarship is given to Wildlife Ecology graduate students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance. This year’s two recipient each received an award of $750.

Chris Latimer
Advisor: Benjamin Zuckerberg

Rachel Harris
Advisor: Scott Lutz