Hancock ARS’ Samuel Perez wins University Staff Recognition Award

Photo: Jeff Miller/UW-Madison.

Samuel Perez, an agricultural research equipment operator at Hancock Agricultural Research Station, was among eight University Staff selected to receive UW-Madison University Staff Recognition Awards this year. The awards recognize outstanding contributions both on campus and beyond.

Perez splits his year at Hancock between supporting the station’s field activities in the spring and summer, and in fall and winter he supports the Storage Research Facility. He has a can-do spirit and is always willing to accommodate the research program goals, making sure that equipment is well maintained and providing instruction when necessary. He is a tireless cooperator, always happy to assist with field or grading work. Perez is bilingual and his multicultural talent allows him to easily interact with non-native English speaking people when touring the site, making them feel comfortable and welcome. His versatility and proficiency at different tasks is something the station depends on in many different areas, whether it be preparing for new projects or making sure that they get completed with attention to detail. Perez is able to maintain and identify how to repair building operation systems, field equipment and vehicles in a way that not only keeps downtime to a minimum, but also saves the university unnecessary expenses.

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