Sydney Olson, an undergraduate biology major, has been named one of seven recipients of the Wisconsin Without Borders awards.

The 2017 awards recognize community-engaged work at home and across the world. The awards honor work that demonstrates excellence in collaboration between the university and local and global communities, with this year’s work representing efforts spanning six countries. Each award carries a prize of up to $1,000.

Olson received a 4W Award, which stands for “Women, Well-Being in Wisconsin, and the World.” This award recognizes initiatives improving quality life issues for women and making the world better for all, promoting excellence in areas related to gender and wellbeing, both locally and globally. Submissions must reflect evidence of 4W core principles include a focus on basic needs and human rights, equality for all, leadership and voice and ecological justice.

Olson’s project, “AFRIpads for All,” seeks to increase access to menstrual health supplies for school-aged girls by partnering with AFRIpads to provide reusable menstrual pads to girls in Nkokonjeru, Uganda. By providing sanitary supplies to school-aged girls, the larger-scale goal is that girls will be able to effectively managed monthly menstruation, resulting in a lower incidence of girls skipping school, thus lessening the disparity in class attendance and performance between boys and girls in the community.

Wisconsin Without Borders (WWB) is a UW-Madison alliance and award program that recognizes globally-engaged interdisciplinary scholarship and fosters excellence by networking through joint learning activities. WWB draws on the history and values of the Wisconsin Idea and the many remarkable partnerships that UW-Madison faculty members and students have initiated, both in Wisconsin and around the world.

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