GreenHouse seeks new faculty director

The GreenHouse residential learning community is seeking a Faculty Director. The Faculty Director, collaboratively with the assistance of a 50% academic staff Program Coordinator and Residence Life staff, lead the development and annual implementation of the program for 93 students. The Faculty Director appointment (2-year minimum, renewable) will begin will begin on July 1, 2017 (summer used in planning for fall semester).

What are Residential Learning Communities?

Residential Learning Communities bring together faculty, staff and students around an explicit thematic focus within the University Residence Halls. Our communities include:
• BioHouse
• Bradley Learning Community
• Chadbourne Residential College
• Entrepreneurial Residential Learning Community
• GreenHouse
• International Learning Community
• Multicultural Learning Community
• Open House (Gender Learning Community)
• The Studio (Creative Arts & Design Community)
• Women In Science and Engineering

Unique seminars, class sections and aligned co-curricular activities all help produce smaller, more intentional communities that set students up for success. Around 1 in 5 students living in the University Residence Halls participate in a Residential Learning Community. Residential Learning Communities have been identified as High Impact Educational Practices both on campus and nationally.

More information on Residential Learning Communities can be found here:

About the GreenHouse

Located in the new Aldo Leopold Residential Hall (fall 2013), the GreenHouse learning community encourages students to use their heads, hands and hearts to think, work, and live in more sustainable ways. Living in the GreenHouse gives students unique access to innovative programming such as exclusive credit-bearing seminars, experiential learning through managing the greenhouse and a large garden plot, regular community volunteering, and community events ranging from meals to documentary nights and discussions that focus on sustainability and environmental justice. GreenHouse residents have access to faculty, professional staff and four student employees. In addition to excellent human resources, the new Leopold Hall has unique and appealing features: a 1,000 square foot greenhouse, roof top solar panels, a dedicated workshop, a classroom, and a large community kitchen that be used for instruction or community building events.


In the fall, all first year GreenHouse residents (~80) enroll in the GreenHouse “Roots Seminar” (1 credit) as an introduction to sustainability concepts and thinkers, while also learning to appreciate the many special places on the UW-Madison campus. Spring GreenHouse Seminars (1 credit) focus on experiential learning though gardening, food fermentation, sustainable design, cooking, and international field study.

Co-curricular Events

Four undergraduate employees are available for the implementation of a wide variety of events involving community meals, cooking classes, bicycle maintenance, practical skills workshops, gardening, and greenhouse operation. Highlights of the year include field trips to the Leopold Shack, the Kemp Natural Resources Station, a canoe trip, and a winter ice walk across Lake Mendota to Picnic Point.

Home: Aldo Leopold Residence Hall; 93 residents on two floors; all double rooms; coed mixed floors

Main Academic Co-sponsors & Partners: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences; College of Letters and Science; Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

Faculty Director Responsibilities

The role of the Faculty Director is to provide the vision and leadership for the GreenHouse to enact its broad mission, to encourage students to use their heads, hands and hearts to think, work, and live in more sustainable ways. The major responsibilities of the Faculty Director are to:
• Serve as a core member of the Leadership Team which plans and implements each year’s programming. This team typically meets every 1-2 weeks and includes the Residence Life staff, the GreenHouse Program Coordinator, GreenHouse student employees, and 2 floor House Fellows. The annual implementation cycle begins with new student recruitment and ends with program evaluation.
• Co-supervise the GreenHouse Program Coordinator with the residence life staff Area Coordinator.
• Develop and offer unique seminar courses for the community both fall and spring semesters. Maintain and coordinate unique seminar courses for the community for both fall and spring semesters. The current Program Coordinator is typically a co-instructor for the fall course. These seminars serve as the foundation for the learning community experience and typically meet later in the afternoon/early evening to maximize enrollment.
• Co-supervise The Studio Program Coordinator, with the residence life staff Area Coordinator. This includes contributing to an annual performance review
• Facilitate the involvement of faculty and staff to enhance faculty/staff-student engagement in the community. Attend co-curricular signature events on a monthly basis, typically in the early evening/weekends.
• Assist in the management of other GreenHouse initiatives such as our summer research awards and other programs.
• Facilitate engagement/investment by key campus stakeholders (including co-sponsoring units) in the present happenings and future of the learning community. Often this takes the form of a “Steering Committee” consisting of faculty, staff, and students that meets at least semiannually.


Funding for The GreenHouse comes from the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates (MIU), University Housing, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, College of Letters & Science, and from the student participants – a collaboration between academic affairs, student affairs, and students. Salary and support has been committed as follows:

• Ongoing annual support of up to $20,000 of the MIU funds to support the Faculty Director’s time (or redirection of time) for the leadership and teaching related to the learning community.

• The MIU will provide salary for a 50% academic staff Program Coordinator, who will assist the Faculty Director and residence life staff and attend to day-to-day administration of the learning community.
To Apply

Faculty who wish to be considered for this unique role on campus should send the materials listed below to John Klatt ( by March 15th, 2017.
1. A brief description of your interest in this Faculty Director position and your experience working with topics of sustainability and undergraduate students.
2. A brief statement about how you would be effective as Faculty Director in carrying out the responsibilities listed above.
3. A CV or career summary.

For further information or discussion, contact:

Alan Turnquist, GreenHouse Program Coordinator. | 890-3917

Brad Barham, Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics and outgoing GreenHouse Faculty Director. | 265- 3090