Safety is job #1

You name it, CALS employees face it: animals large and small; electrical equipment of every size and age; steam and water pressure machines; indoors and outdoors; weather good and bad; heavy machinery; a menagerie of power equipment; plug ins; breakers; lifts and hoists; dust, mold, and vapors…the list goes on.

Pamela Kostle, University Health Services fits a safety mask for ARS employee during the Hancock safety training day. Photos by Sevie Kenyon

Each piece of equipment and every situation poses a potential personal safety hazard. That’s why Jeff Breuer, Agricultural Research Station (ARS) safety director, works hard to assure CALS employees working for ARS have the proper safety gear and routine safety training to do the important and sometimes hazardous work for CALS. Each season he organizes a series of safety training events to provide the needed experiences.

Lockout devices displayed during Lockout/tagout safety training at the Hancock ARS employee safety training day. Photos by Sevie Kenyon

One such event was recently held at the Hancock Agricultural Research Station. The sessions that day included lockout/tagout training; respirator fitting; electrical and fire safety. Lockout/tagout is the process of shutting down a machine in order to safely perform maintenance or other work. Following standardized lockout/tagout procedures assures nobody comes along and turns the machine on while the service is being performed.

More pictures from the Hancock ARS training session are found here: