CALS Organizational Redesign Committee begins work

Dean VandenBosch charged the CALS Organizational Redesign Committee to: evaluate trends, data and peer institutions (including identifying comparative advantages for CALS at UW-Madison); analyze key functions to invest in because of comparative advantage and/or strength; prioritize what needs to be divested, cut and rearranged in the future to meet the desired state; and determine benefits and implications of the recommended changes. 

The appointed committee’s work to date has focused on: 

  1. Prioritizing data to inform our understanding of the College and its context,
  2. Brainstorming conceptual models for the college,
  3. Identifying ways to keep the college community and stakeholders informed about the committee’s progress.

In support of the project, CALS is creating a website to post materials related to the project. This will include the project charter (i.e., the committee’s assignment), FAQs, etc. 

If you have questions about the committee, please contact any member (see this previous eCALS post with committee membership). We are in process of creating a unique e-mail account for receiving comments.