Multistate Groups Inviting Participation

W_TEMP4177, “Enhancing the Competitiveness and Value of U.S. Beef.”

W_TEMP3191, “Elder Financial Exploitation: Family Risk and Protective Factors.”

W_TEMP4133, “Costs and Benefits of Natural Resources on Public and Private Lands: Management, Economic Valuation, and Integrated Decision-Making.”

WERA_TEMP1022, “Meteorological and Climate Data to Support ET-Based Irrigation Scheduling, Water Conservation, and Water Resources Management (from WDC18).”

WERA_TEMP1009, “Systems to Improve End-use Quality of Wheat.”

To View the Proposals:

  1. Go to the National Information Management Support System at
  2. Insert your login and password. (If you don’t have a login ID, you’ll need to register, also at the URL above. If you forgot, please use the “Track ID” function on the login page. Please do not re-register.)
  3. In the Top Menu, Select Project then Select View Projects
  4. Enter the project number (from above)


Please Contact Casey Hillmer at 608-262-2397 or if you would like to be added to a proposed multistate project.

Thank you. Please contact the Administrative Advisor (David A. Benfield) of the multistate project if you have questions about the proposed project.


Contact Chris Hamilton at 608-262-2349 or if you have questions about the use of NIMSS.

Contact Casey Hillmer at 608-262-2397 or if you have questions about your participation.