FRI accepting applications for Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Food Safety

The Food Research Institute (FRI) is currently accepting applications for its 2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Food Safety. The 8-week program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to explore the field of food safety.

“This is an excellent chance for students to learn about the food industry and what food safety careers are available in industry and academia after graduation,” said Adam Borger, FRI Outreach Program Manager.

Participating students perform basic and applied microbiological research studying different microbes that impact food safety and human health in the laboratory of FRI faculty members. Each week, the students learn from field experts about how microbiology and food safety affect the food industry. Topics include designing food-safety programs and controls, performing epidemiological investigations and enhancing product development. Students also get the opportunity to visit Wisconsin food manufacturers to hear how food safety impacts their production.

Program participants write research reports as well as present a brief seminar of their work at the conclusion of the course. Participants who complete all required portions of the program will receive a $4,000 stipend.

Applications for the program are due Feb. 10. For more information about the FRI Summer Undergraduate Research Program and to apply, visit or contact Adam Borger at 608-263-7062 or