Uganda program inspires students to pursue health and service careers

Ntambi Uganda gropuFor the fifteenth year, CALS’ James Ntambi and John Ferrick are spending part of their winter break in Uganda with UW students looking to learn about the health and other impacts of the country’s agriculture, nutrition, health care and sanitation systems.

The program started back in 2002 when biochemistry professor James Ntambi talked with Ken Shapiro, then associate dean and director of CALS International Programs, and John Ferrick, then director of CALS Study Abroad. Students were eager to learn about conditions in the rest of the world and wanted to travel beyond the classroom, and Uganda was a good fit. Ntambi, a Ugandan native, had grown up in a small village and still had many connections at Makerere University. Shapiro had done research in East Africa, and Ferrick had extensive experience in Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho.

The trio planned a program. A fall semester class about global health would be followed by travel to Uganda over winter break. In Uganda, each student would work on a health-related research project. Ntambi and Ferrick, now the associate director of CALS International Programs, would teach the class and accompany the group to Uganda.

And now, in 2016, the program continues to inspire students.

Read more about the experience in this recent story from the biochemistry department.