Invitation to the 2017 Ag Research Stations awards reception and dinner

Friends and supporters of the CALS Agricultural Research Stations are invited to attend the annual Agricultural Research Stations Recognition Awards Reception and Dinner on Wednesday, Jan. 18 at Imperial Garden (2039 Allen Boulevard, Middleton, WI). The reception begins at 5:00 p.m. with the award presentations at 6:00 p.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m.

This year’s recipients of the awards are:

Shawn Conley (Agronomy) – Recognition Award for Research
Shawn Conley is a professor in the agronomy department and UW-Extension Specialist in the Soybean and Small Grain Production Systems Program. His research goal is to generate science-based solutions to address real world problems in soybean and small grain production. Results of his research have an immediate application by agricultural professionals and producers.

Daniel Heider (Horticuture) – Recognition Award for Service
Dan Heider is a distinguished outreach specialist in the horticulture department. His principal duties are focused on pesticide use, risk reduction, research and educational outreach. He has given educational talks and demonstrations to over 800 people annually at the highly regarded UW Crop Diagnostic Training Field Days, area workshops and grower meetings.

Janet Hedtcke (West Madison ARS) – ARS Staff Award
Janet Hedtke is the interim superintendent at the West Madison ARS. At West Madison, her main duties have been coordination of the trial and demonstration gardens, organic areas and fruit research, and she has recently taken on the day-to-day station operations. Previously she managed the long-term Wisconsin Integrated Cropping System Trial at the Arlington station.

Walter Thieszen (OJ Noer) – ARS Special Recognition Award
Walter Thieszen worked at OJ Noer beginning in 2002 and retired this winter. His skills as a carpenter and mechanic were put to good use at the facility as he built numerous items, finished the interior of a building, and meticulously maintained and repaired equipment. Walter also mowed and did general upkeep around the facility keeping everything in top form.

There will be appetizers during the reception which will be held in a private room. Beverage service will be available on an individual cash basis.

After the reception you are invited to stay for dinner. This year’s dinner will include a variety of Imperial Garden’s dishes, served family style, along with egg rolls, BBQ Pork, grilled pot stickers, crispy shrimp and calamari, steamed white rice, hot tea and fortune cookies. The cost of the dinner will be $20.00 (includes tax and tip).

You may pre-pay by check or cash at the Ag Research Station Office, N695 Hopkins Road, Arlington, WI 53911 or pay that evening (check or cash). Spouses are always welcome to attend.

To make your reservation, please contact Phil Dunigan at 846-3750 (extension 2) or via email at