CALS In the News for the Week of Nov 26 – Dec 2


Gut microbes shape DNA
Nature, 11/31
Mentioned: Federico Rey, Bacteriology

For Some, Scientists Aren’t The Authority On Science
National Public Radio, 11/28
Mentioned: Article co-authored by Dominique Brossard and Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication

UW-Madison Researchers Look Into Antibiotic Resistance
Wisconsin Public Radio, 11/28
Quoted: Mark Cook, Animal Sciences

National honey queen abuzz about bees
Agri-View, 12/01
Quoted: Kim Kester, Alumna, Dairy Science

Analyst predicts dairy price rise will continue
Brownfield Ag News, 11/29
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Center for Dairy Profitability

New soil, nutrient research to be discussed at state meetings
Brownfield Ag News, 11/28
Quoted: Carrie Loboski, Soil Science

Oak wilt confirmed in Price County, 12/02
Mentioned: The University of Wisconsin’s Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab

Oconomowoc student notes: Nov. 30, 2016
Lake Country NOW, 11/30
Mentioned: Cory Smid, Alumnus, Genetics
Mentioned: Camille Gonzalez, Alumna, Nutritional Sciences
Mentioned: Sean Hopkins, Alumnus,  Farm and Industry Short Course
Mentioned: Abby Lewandowski, Alumna, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Mentnmioed: Mandy Prom, Alumna, Nutritional Sciences

Pork Association donates $10,000 to new meats lab
National Hog Farmer, 11/29
Quoted: Tom Crenshaw, Animal Sciences

Longtime former UW professor returns to head Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, 11/29
Quoted: Jo Handelsman, Plant Pathology

Checking our list – Hay Market Report update for December 2016
Progressive Forage Grower, 12/01
Mentioned: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Center for Dairy Profitability
Mentioned: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics

New Wisconsin Institute for Discovery director sees a ‘hunger’ for change at UW, 12/02
Quoted: Jo Handelsman, Plant Pathology

Heart of the Farm conference for women
Agri-View, 11/28
Mentioned: UW-Center for Dairy Profitability

Jeff Sindelar namer future icon
Morning Ag Clips, 11/28
Mentioned: Jeff Sindelar, Animal Sciences
Mentioned: University of Wisconsin Meat Science Laboratory

Crow selected for agricultural leadership program
Sioux City Journal, 11/27
Mentioned: Rich Crow, Alumnus, Agronomy

Jim Goodman: The Trans-Pacific Partnership will not help struggling farmers, 11/26
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Center for Dairy Profitability

UW-River Falls’ Vogel named Future Icon
Morning Ag Clips, 11/27
Quoted: Kurt Vogel, Alumnus, Animal Sciences

Fruit Fly Genetics Video Interview
Whad’ya Know Podcast, 11/26 beginning at 2:11:22
Quoted: John Pool, Genetics

Avoiding Frankenstein in the Age of Google
The Helix, 11/30
Quoted: Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication

Wisconsin 4-H inducts UW-Madison Dairy Science professor emeritus into Hall of Fame 
Morning Ag Clips, 11/18
Mentioned: Terry Howard, Dairy Science

Of Interest

DNR to alter handling of pollution, parks, enforcement
Wisconsin State Journal, 12/01

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Dairy Calves, 11/29

2016 Photomicrography Competition
Nikon’s Small World