Head & shoulders portrait session on Wednesday, Dec. 14

Get a picture of your mug at the upcoming CALS head & shoulders photo studio session on Wednesday, Dec. 14 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. in room 38 Agricultural Hall. A good photo can come in handy in so many ways – websites, LinkedIn account, conference programs and posters, departmental directory, UW Experts database, Facebook and other social media. This is what we mean:

The session is first-come, first-serve and is open to CALS faculty, staff, and graduate students. Think of it as portraits made painless. This is how it works: show up looking your best, sign in, get your picture taken, in a few days you’ll be notified by email your picture is ready on the CALS Flickr ( Download and share as you please from there. CALS will maintain your picture on its Flickr for use when you win that big award and an image is needed for your adoring public, for example.

Some advice to keep it painless: wear long sleeve solid color shirt or blouse. A button up shirt or blouse with collar open at the neck is most flattering. Cameras love blue if you have something. Makeup that reduces shiny skin also is useful. Try to avoid garish, loud, and busy. If you show up wearing an ugly Santa shirt we may send you home. But that never happens.