Costa Rica calling: Opportunities for CALS collaborations

During his trip to Costa Rica in September, Gunasekaran met with members of University of Costa Rica international program staff and faculty.

International research, teaching, and development opportunities abound in Costa Rica. During a recent trip, CALS IP Director Sundaram Gunasekaran visited with administrators and faculty at Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), Centro Nacional de Innovaciones Biotecnológicas (CENIBiot), Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Universidad Técnica Nacional (UTN), and EARTH University. All have expressed strong interest in establishing research collaborations with CALS. Though some CALS faculty are already working with colleagues at UCR, there are opportunities for further strengthening research partnerships, including short- or long-term paid faculty stay, co-directing graduate research projects, faculty-led course offerings, etc. UTN, a fairly recent consortium of science and technology institutions, is interested in sponsoring several of their faculty to pursue PhDs in CALS departments.

Please contact CALS IP ( to set up meetings to discuss how best to pursue these opportunities.