Ag Hall exhibition features state’s developing artists

For the eighth year in a row, Ag Hall is hosting a selection of art from the Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP). The program, founded in CALS in 1940, helps Wisconsin’s nonprofessional artists develop their creative abilities. John Steuart Curry, an American Regionalist artist who served as artist-in-residence at CALS from 1936-46, served as the program’s first mentor during his time at CALS. Read more about the program’s history here.

This year’s Ag Hall foyer exhibition features:

  • “Harmonizing Peaches” by Wendy Crone
  • “Forest Edge” by Barbara Kaye Smith
  • “Koi” by David Bueschel
  • “Graceful Presence” by Patricia Duncan
  • “Sunlight on Lilypads” by Donald Senmann
  • “Landscape” by Jeanette Richards
  • “Untitled IX” by Marilyn Knipfer
  • “A Couple of the Century” by Claire Schein
  • “Just Begin” by Stephanie Sharp

Can’t make it to Ag Hall? Photos of the art found on the CALS Flickr here.

Two other WRAP paintings are hanging elsewhere in Ag Hall. “Fall Feast” by Maureen Luzenski is located in the Dean’s office. “Abstractly Aquatic” by Mary Ann Inman is the Academic Affairs office.

It’s worth noting that Claire Schein, who painted the piece “A Couple of the Century,” is a teen artist who participated in the Statewide Teen Art Mentor Program (STAMP). 

STAMP formed in 2004 as an effort to reach out to the next generation of aspiring artists. Artists ages 13-19 are sponsored by individual members of the Wisconsin Regional Artists Association (WRAA). The sponsored teen’s artwork is shown at the annual WRAP State Exhibition and Conference, where they have the opportunity to win prizes and celebrate their work alongside adult award-winning artists from throughout Wisconsin.