Make UW-Madison publications count in university rankings

The count of publications from university scholars is a top factor in major national and international rankings of research universities. Many rankings rely on computer-based searches for an institution’s official name or a common variant. As many as 60% of UW-Madison publications may be missed in publication counts for rankings because they don’t use an official name or recognized variant.

To make sure your publications are counted, be sure to use the institution’s official name or one of these two common variants:

  1. University of Wisconsin-Madison (official name)
  2. UW-Madison (variant)
  3. Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison (variant)

An analysis of selected publications by UW-Madison faculty showed that:

  • Only 38% of publications used the official name or one of the common variants listed above
  • 56% referenced the University of Wisconsin but did not specify Madison
  • 4% did not reference the university at all, and included only a center or institute name
  • More than 1,000 variants of this institution’s name are used in scholarly publications

Examples of relevant rankings (UW-Madison rank):

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Rankings of World Universities (24th)
  • Times Higher Ed World University Rankings (29th)
  • US News World University Rankings (27th)
  • QS World University Rankings (41st)
  • National University of Taiwan Rankings (23rd)
  • U-Multirank (below average on sizenormalized publications)

For more information, contact: Jocelyn Milner, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, at