Carnegie Corp. grant will establish new AAE faculty position specializing in Russia

The Carnegie Corp. of New York announced the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a recipient of a $1 million grant to strengthen the study of Russia at U.S. universities.

The grant will encourage universities to enhance Russian programs, research and outreach, as well as promote collaboration with the Russian academic community. It was one of three awarded – the other two recipients are Columbia University and Indiana University.

“I believe we have the greatest concentration of social scientists working on Russia in the country. The grant will allow us to fill a few gaps, build an even stronger program, and publicize the Wisconsin brand,” says the grant’s principle investigator Theodore Gerber, director of UW-Madison’s Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia, and professor of sociology.

Gerber and his colleagues plan to use funds from the grant to help establish a tenure-track faculty position for an economist specializing in Russia in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.

“Development economics is a strength for our college’s Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics,” says CALS Dean Kate VandenBosch. “A faculty position focused on development economics in Russia and Eastern Europe will broaden our expertise in this important area of the world.”

Read the full UW-Madison International Division announcement here.