Recent hail storm causes damage at West Madison Ag Research Station

The West Madison Agricultural Research Station sustained some damage after the storm on Monday, Sept. 19. Hail measuring up to 2 inches fell at the station, denting vehicle hoods and damaging the station roof. The hail tore holes in bags of silage and haylage requiring $3,500 in repairs. The plastic roofs of several greenhouse structures were also damaged. Luckily, no research was affected, and repairs are already underway.

West Madison damage hail
A few of the hail balls that fell at West Madison Ag Research Station. Photo by Madeline Wimmer.
West Madison damage silage
Hail damage to a silage bag. Photo by Janet Hedtcke.
West Madison damage hoop house
Hail damage to a hoop house. Photo by Janet Hedtcke.