Online Course Proposal System (OCP) updates

The information below is essential for department chairs and users of the Online Course Proposal System (OCP).

Updating Users, “Chief Academic Officers” (aka department chair or program director) and Designees
If there is a new chair, program director or designee for a subject listing, please fill out this form: Please keep in mind, the course proposal system is based on subject listings not departments so if your department or unit has more than one subject listing you need to request updates to each of them separately. You can see who is currently associated with a subject listing by looking at the directory in the OCP. Information about the “watcher” and “approver” roles can be found at:

Campus is in the very early stages of implementing a new software system that will manage the catalog (graduate and undergraduate) and it has a module that will provide forms and workflow for course proposals, new majors and much much more. See the related eCALS post from the project sponsors, Jocelyn Milner and Scott Owczarek.

You will be getting more information about this project as it progresses. The project will include a complete overhaul of the course proposal form. At the moment the project is still in the early stages and we are quite a ways away from creating let alone implementing the new course proposal forms and process. Even though the new course proposal forms are a long way off, it’s important to know that course proposal data from the current system will NOT be migrated into the new system. If your unit has course proposals that have stalled in the system that you still intend to finish, please look at getting them going so that they can move through the approval process.

A detailed transition timeline and process will be shared when we are closer to using the new system, but that is still many months away.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines
The CALS Curriculum Committee meeting dates and deadlines are available here:
The University Curriculum Committee meeting dates and deadlines are available here:

Help documents for the OCP
Course Policies and Procedures:
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