Smoothie Tuesday and other ideas for wellness in your area

CALS Wellness
Ag Hall Suite 240 enjoys their smoothie day

Looking for ways to promote wellness in your work unit? Check out these ideas from the CALS Wellness Committee:

  • Have a Smoothie Day! Invite co-workers to bring in smoothie ingredients so you can mix and match different smoothie treats. You may want to have a sign-up sheet to ensure you have a variety of fruits and bases, and to ensure you have a couple blenders!
  • Have a Salad Day. Same idea – but with salad ingredients.
  • Form a team or plan to go as a group to an area fun run. Examples of area runs include Carbone’s Race for Research and the annual Crazylegs run.
  • Attend an upcoming Lunch-and-Learn event with a group of co-workers.

Let the Wellness Committee know about the other ways your work unit has been promoting wellness. Please email them at