CALS faculty hiring decisions for FY17

Dean Kate VandenBosch informed chairs earlier this month that the college has released four of the faculty positions considered by the Academic Planning Council (APC) this year. The positions are:

  • Dairy Science (Animal Physiology or Nutritional Physiology)
  • Food Science (Food Safety)
  • Forest and Wildlife Ecology (Applied Forest Ecology)
  • Nutritional Science (Clinical Nutrition)

Two additional majority-Cooperative Extension funded faculty positions ranked in the APC’s top 6. Additional discussions between CALS and Cooperative Extension are required before these positions can be released. Filling these positions is not dependent on the restructuring planning currently underway in UW Extension. These two positions are:

  • Agronomy (Cropping Systems Weed Science)
  • Horticulture (Sustainable Vegetable Cropping Systems)