Summer orientation sessions for UW’s Advisor Notes System (ANS)

The following is a message from Jeffrey E. Shokler, assistant director for advising technology and assessment in the UW-Madison Office of Undergraduate Advising:

To the UW-Madison Advising Community,

Three opportunities to attend an Advisor Notes System (ANS) orientation session are scheduled for this summer. To become authorized to use the ANS you only need to attend one of these sessions. Please see below for the list of available sessions. The orientation session will provide you with an introduction to the system and to the Advising Gateway, a live demonstration including navigation and record entry, guidelines for use of the system focused on writing and interpretation of advising notes, and many opportunities for you to get your questions about the system answered.

Any faculty and/or staff member who has an undergraduate advising role or who needs to access individual student undergraduate advising data for their work are currently eligible to use the Advisor Notes System. At this time undergraduate employees/staff are not eligible to use the system. Please note: the ANS was specifically designed to meet undergraduate advising needs. It can, however, be used by graduate and professional advisors to document contacts with their advisees.

For more information on these sessions select the event name links. To register for one of the sessions please follow the appropriate registration link to the OHRD registration site provided below.

ANS 101 on 6/27/2016
9:00:00 – 10:00:00 AM
Ingraham Hall, Room 105

ANS 101 on 7/25/2016
9:00:00 – 10:00:00 AM
Ingraham Hall, Room 105

ANS 101 on 8/15/2016
9:00:00 AM – 10:00:00 AM
Ingraham Hall, Room 105

Please note: this one hour orientation session is required for new users of the Advisor Notes System. Once you have attended one of these sessions you will be authorized to access and to begin using it. The ANS was designed with two primary goals in mind: 1) to enhance undergraduate advising at the UW by providing advisors with a student’s advising history (enabling advising contacts to take place within a meaningful context) and the ability to document their own advising contacts, and 2) to capture and to make available data useful for the assessment of undergraduate advising at multiple scales across campus (i.e. campus-wide, school or college, unit, etc.). The system has now been in use on campus for over 6 years and is now being used by over 700 advisors, advising administrators, and staff in more than 160 units across all of the undergraduate schools and colleges as well as other divisions.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Jeffrey Shokler

Jeffrey E. Shokler
Assistant Director for Advising Technology and Assessment
Office of Undergraduate Advising
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