Chancellor Blank tells alumni: When UW prospers, Wisconsin prospers

Last week, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank reached out to Badger alumni, encouraging them to get involved in the conversation about the next state budget and how the UW System needs stable, stead support. Below is the text of her email message, in which she asks alumni get in touch with their legislators to remind them of the value of a strong state of Wisconsin – UW System partnership:

Lately it seems as though you can’t pick up a newspaper, watch a newscast, or listen to a radio broadcast around Wisconsin without hearing talk about UW–Madison or the UW System.

Some of the coverage and debates have been negative or contentious, but I have a positive story to tell: one of strength and cooperation.

It’s about a university — built by alumni like you over the decades — that today has a $15 billion impact on the state of Wisconsin.

It’s about a university that has faced drastic cuts in five of the last six state budgets, yet it continues to feed top-notch graduates into the Wisconsin workforce.

It’s about a university that trains the nurses, doctors, and veterinarians who take care of your family and community.

I want to revitalize the historic relationship between our state and its flagship university because when the UW prospers, Wisconsin prospers.

Today we need a conversation about the future and how higher education is a vital part of the state’s success. We also need to talk about the next state budget and how the UW System needs stable, steady support.

Last week, many state legislators finished filing papers to run in this fall’s elections.

Please help us start that conversation by contacting your legislators now to remind them of the importance of a strong partnership between the state of Wisconsin and a vibrant, healthy, productive UW System. Information about UW–Madison’s budget, the impact of the state budget cuts, and my most recent blog post can be found here. In addition, you can use the tools on the Wisconsin Alumni Association’s website to contact your legislator.

Thank you for your support of UW–Madison. Working together, we can all enjoy a brighter future.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank