Help distribute new Working at UW e-newsletter far and wide

Last week, UW-Madison launched the new Working at UW email digest, a weekly email newsletter designed to bring useful news, information and resources to UW-Madison employees. Content comes from the Working at UW website at The digest will be sent every Wednesday and is designed to complement Inside UW, which will continue to be sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the academic year. (Inside UW is currently on end-of-semester hiatus.)

Here are a few reminders about the new e-newsletter:

  • Please take a moment to print the digest each week and to post it in common, high traffic spaces so those employees who are not at a desk in front of a computer daily are able to see it. To print, click the link at the top and then use the print command. The printed version will strip out the images and links and can be printed in black and white. It has been formatted to print on a single page.
  • If you have English Language Learners in your unit, please encourage them to call the individual language news lines found in the right column of the digest and on These will be updated each Wednesday with the latest employee news.
  • Also, please help keep the content relevant. Send your submissions using this form and calendar items to using the “employees” tag.