Kemp’s Lynne Dalka honored with University Staff Award

Lynne Dalka. Photo by Bryce Richter.
Lynne Dalka. Photo by Bryce Richter.

CALS’ Lynne Dalka is among five University Staff selected to receive UW-Madison University Staff Recognition Awards this year. The awards recognize outstanding contributions both on campus and beyond.

Dalka, a custodian at Kemp Natural Resources Station, is responsible for maintaining seven diverse buildings – from labs to residence halls – on the station. Rather than being daunted, Dalka has mixed old-fashioned elbow grease with innovations, adopting environmentally friendly cleaners and more efficient tools to keep the facilities in top condition for the hundreds of students, faculty, and natural resources professionals who visit each year. Her conscientiousness extends to frequent birthday cakes, shared vegetables from her farm, and wide involvement with her church and community. Karla Ortman, Dalka’s nominator, says, “Lynne is an outstanding ambassador for the university in the northern reaches of the state.”

Roughly 5,000 members of UW–Madison’s University Staff play a critical role on campus. They are accountants, nurses, custodians, laboratory technicians, administrative assistants, locksmiths, electricians, and much more. The university couldn’t operate without them.

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