The HHMI professors innovative

The HHMI professors innovative approaches to teaching are infusing undergraduate science with the excitement and rigor of scientific research, and are becoming models for fundamental reform of the way undergraduate science is taught at research universities. Through participation in the HHMI Professors Program, HHMI professors are encouraged to share ideas and collaborate to improve science education.

Each professor receives a five-year grant from HHMI and becomes a permanent member of the community of HHMI professors. Like all HHMI scientists, the HHMI professors have the freedom and support to follow their best ideas.

The 55 scientists who have been named HHMI professors since the program began in 2002 have introduced innovative approaches for teaching science in the classroom, expanded and enhanced student research opportunities, developed new educational resources, and implemented novel mentoring programs for student support. Please refer to 2017 Competition for more info.