CALS in the News for the Week of Apr. 2 – Apr. 8, 2016


Farmers struggling as markets overflow with milk, grain, livestock
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4/2/16
Quoted: Bruce Jones, Agricultural & Applied Economics

FBI’s hack into iPhone raises personal data security questions 4/3/16
Quoted: Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication

Historic house at UW-Madison set for big renewal 4/3/16
Mentioned: Heidi Zoerb, Associate Dean
Quoted: Richard Straub, Senior Associate Dean
Mentioned: William Henry, Emeritus Dean

Tick-borne disease rising across state, experts say
Channel 3000 4/7/16
Quoted: Susan Paskewitz, Entomology

Researchers looking for Zika mosquito in Wisconsin
WTMJ Milwaukee 4/1/16
Quoted: Susan Paskewitz, Entomology

Wisconsin Is A Model For Organic Farming, Says Agriculture Expert
WPR 4/5/16
Mentioned: Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Wisconsin farmland prices dip
Wisconsin Agriculturist 4/4/16
Quoted: Arlin Branstromm, Center for Dairy Profitability

Farmland has been a good investment
Wisconsin Agriculturist 4/5/16
Quoted: Arlin Brannstrom, Center for Dairy Profitability

State farmland rental rates are competitive
Wisconsin Agriculturist 4/6/16
Quoted: Arlin Brannstrom, Center for Dairy Profitability

AGR celebrates 100 years at UW-Madison
Wisconsin Agriculturist 4/8/16
Quoted: Dale Bruhn, Alumnus, Ag Education

Extension Cuts Will Mean Less Educational Displays at WFTD
Wisconsin Ag Connection 4/7/16
Quoted: John Shutske, Associate Dean

Manure Irrigation Workgroup to Unveil Findings During Webinar
Wisconsin Ag Connection 4/7/16
Mentioned: Ken Genskow, Urban and Regional Planning
Mentioned: Becky Larson, Biological Systems Engineering

Cost to raise heifer 2nd-highest on farm
Agriview 3/31/16
Quoted: Matt Akins, Dairy Science

Don’t let heifers eat you out of house and home
Agriview 3/31/16
Quoted: Matt Akins, Dairy Science

The humble dung beetle is a great ally in the fight against climate change
Fusion 4/4/16
Quoted: P.J. Liesch, Entomology

No soil is too wet or cold for no-till
Corn+Soybean Digest 3/31/16
Quoted: Jason Cavadini, Marshfield Agriculture Research Station

Kate Griswold: Poised for life’s 40 chances
Morning Ag Clips 4/6/16
Quoted: Kate Griswold, Student, Life Sciences Communication
Quoted: Sarah Botham, Life Sciences Communication

Declining fertilizer prices
UW Extension 4/1/16
Quoted: Carrie Laboski, Soil Science

Of Interest

Cranberry research station proposed
Agriview 4/2/16

New world record wheat yield
Morning Ag Clips 4/7/16