CALS APC approves new restructuring guidelines for the college

Although CALS celebrated its quasquicentennial in 2014, some of the earliest elements of the college still exist today, including the Farm & Industry Short Course, the Agricultural Experiment Station, and the Departments of Bacteriology and Horticulture, to name a few. But the college would not still exist 125 years after its founding if it had not undergone reorganization from time to time. Departments have been reconfigured (what is now Agricultural and Applied Economics originated as the Economics of Agriculture Department in the College of Letters and Science), disciplinary names have evolved (agricultural chemistry is now biochemistry), and buildings have been renamed (the original Agricultural Hall later became South Hall).

Recognizing that changes like these are part of a healthy college, the CALS Academic Planning Council has adopted newly revised guidelines to ensure that future restructuring is purposeful and deliberative, and the process embraces the university’s shared governance approach.

The new guidelines are available at: