CALS in the News for the Week of Nov. 21 – Nov. 27, 2015


We Tried A Futuristic Cranberry. It Was Fresh And Naturally Sweet
NPR 11/24/2015
Mentioned: Brent McCown, Horticulture
Quoted: Juan Jalapa, Horticulture

Salmon first GMO animal OK’d for sale
Marketplace 11/23/2015
Quoted: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication

Coke’s Chief Scientist, Who Orchestrated Obesity Research, Is Leaving
New York Times 11/24/2015
Mentioned: Rhona Applebaum, Alumna, Food Science

The 10 best colleges for studying natural resources and conservation
USA Today 11/20/2015
Mentions: UW-Madison

The controversial ‘mega-dairies’ that alarm campaigners and divide a struggling sector of British agriculture
Independent 11/22/2015
Mentioned: UW Center for Dairy Profitability

What is a ‘natural’ food? FDA seeks public input for definition
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Quoted: Barbara Ingham, Food Science

Are cranberries healthy? Probably, but science uncertain
Wisconsin State Journal 11/26/2015
Quoted: Jess Reed, Animal Science
Mentioned: Christian Krueger, Animal Science

Maptime Madison studies, teaches modern mapmaking technology
The Capital Times 11/23/2015
Quoted: Rashauna Mead, Community & Environmental Sociology

El Niño Winter Could Ease Energy Bills, Challenge Wisconsin Loggers
WPR 11/19/2015
Quoted: Scott Sanford, Biological Systems Engineering
Quoted: Mark Rickenbach, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Quoted: Scott Bowe, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Author Shares Story Wisconsin’s Of Unrecognized Indian Nation
WPR 11/23/2015
Quoted: Patty Loew, Life Sciences Communication

Sharing agricultural expertise across the globe
Wausau Daily Herald 11/25/2015
Quoted: Gary Ruegsegger, Alumnus, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Mary Hein, Alumna, Animal Science

Understanding organic farming in Wisconsin
WSAW 11/25/2015
Mentioned: UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Acting globally
Isthmus 11/25/2015
Quoted: Caitilyn Allen, Plant Pathology

The on-going fight against ketosis
Brownfield Ag News 11/26/2015
Quoted: Heather White, Dairy Science

No axes grinding at Badger Dairy Challenges
Wisconsin State Farmer 11/25/2015
Quoted: Kent Weigel, Dairy Science
Quoted: Henry Holdorf, Student, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Lizi Endres, Student, Dairy Science

Register for WI Ag Economic Outlook Forum
Wisconsin State Farmer 11/25/2015
Mentioned: UW-Madison Renk Agribusiness Institute

Mother-daughter team pens children’s book
Agriview 11/26/2015
Mentioned: Ruth McNair, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Cooperative leaders honored
Agriview 11/23/2015
Mentioned: Anne Reynolds, UW Center for Cooperatives in Madison

Ensuring Genetic Diversity Through Germplasm Collection
WPVGA Badger Beat 11/24/2015
Quoted: Amy Charkowski, Plant Pathology

Learn how to use potassium effectively
Lawn & Landscape 11/23/2015
Mentioned: Doug Soldat, Soil Science

How to Digest the WHO’s Red and Processed Meat Cancer Claims
Health Canal 11/22/2015
Quoted: Andrew Minkowski, Animal Science

A better ketosis diagnostic
Morning Ag Clips 11/23/2015
Quoted: Heather White, Dairy Science

Corn hybrid performance trials
Morning Ag Clips 11/23/2015
Mentioned: Joe Lauer, Agronomy
Mentioned: Kent Kohn, Agronomy
Mentioned: Thierno Diallo, Agronomy

Of Interest 

Wis. once nearly ate turkeys into extinction
Morning Ag Clips 11/23/2015

Thanksgiving dinner costs a bit more
Morning Ag Clips 11/24/2015

Discovery Channel Is Finally Breaking Up With Bad Science
Mother Jones 11/24/2015

28 Wis. counties receive veterinary services
Morning Ag Clips 11/23/2015