What did you and your colleagues say in the CALS wellness survey?

As follow up to the Lunch-N-Learn wellness kickoff last month, the CALS Wellness Initiative recently conducted a survey to learn about employee interest in various wellness activities.

The survey looked at the seven components of the CALS Wellness Initiative: Physical, Emotional, Social & Cultural, Career & Academic, Spiritual, Financial, and Environmental.

For each of these seven components, employees were asked to indicate whether they were considering making a change or in the process of improving. The categories with the highest responses were Physical (77%) and Emotional (61%).

When asked which programs or activities they would be interested in, more than 50% indicated an interest in fitness groups, nutrition groups, walking groups and lunch hour yoga/meditation.

The most popular ways employees want to get wellness information is through presentations/workshops (65%) and lunch and learns (62%), with wellness challenges and eCALS also of interest. Most employees prefer to participate during work (e.g., lunch) rather than before or after work.

The CALS Wellness Steering Committee is evaluating the survey results and will be planning activities based on the responses.

Do you have ideas for programming? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you interested in getting involved? We’d love to have you join us! Email us at

To view a video of the Lunch-N-Learn Wellness Kickoff, go to: