Upcoming webinars: Learn about WFAA’s new donor stewardship resources

Over the past year, Campus and WFAA stakeholders have been collaborating to develop baseline recommendations to ensure consistency in stewarding donors. As this work has progressed, a resource that was overwhelmingly requested was a central repository to showcase stewardship samples and to share best practices. We are happy to announce this repository, the Stewardship Toolkit.

The Stewardship Toolkit will be accessible via the Advancement Resources website ( This dynamic resource will be continually updated to assist stewardship and advancement staff when thanking our donors.

To learn more about the Stewardship Toolkit, you are invited to an introductory webinar which will:
· Explain the intended use for the Stewardship Toolkit.
· Demonstrate how to access samples from within the Toolkit.
· Suggest tips on how to use the Stewardship Toolkit in everyday work.
· Answer your Stewardship Toolkit questions.

To participate, you’ll need a browser connected to the internet (to view the demonstration) and a telephone (to hear the presenters). Participation is limited, and you must reserve a spot ahead of time. You have four sessions to choose from.

To register, please use the appropriate link below (note the dates and times). Each webinar covers the same ground, so you need only attend one of them:

Stewardship Toolkit Webinar – December 10 (10-10:30 am)
Stewardship Toolkit Webinar – December 15 (11-11:30 am)

Stewardship Toolkit Webinar – January 7 (2-2:30 pm)
Stewardship Toolkit Webinar – January 13 (9:30-10 am)

If the sessions become full, send an email to to be placed on a “wait list” in case a spot opens up. Let us know which sessions you prefer.

After you register, be sure to update your calendar! A few days prior to the webinar you will be sent instructions on how to participate.

If you have questions, contact WFAA’s Kate Bahr at or (608) 308-5120.