Anne Reynolds receives Cooperative Builder Award

image.aae.wiscAnne Reynolds, executive director of the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, was among three individuals awarded the 2015 Cooperative Builder Award. The award, bestowed by the Cooperative Network, is the highest statewide honor for cooperative business leaders. It is given to individuals who demonstrate the utmost loyalty and service to the cooperative movement at the local, state, regional or national level.

Reynolds is a respected leader in the cooperative community for her extensive knowledge of governance and member loyalty issues, and for her strategic planning work with boards of directors. Reynolds’ efforts span economic sectors, income classes, and cultures, ranging from projects with low-income workers to large agribusinesses. She currently holds leadership positions on projects including the Madison mayor’s cooperative development initiative, several local food initiatives in Madison, and new education programs on board leadership and employee ownership. Reynolds also serves on co-op boards as diverse as the Senior Cooperative Foundation, the Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative, the Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund, and The Cooperative Foundation.

Reynolds was on hand to receive the award at the Cooperative Network’s annual meeting in Bloomington, Minnesota, held Nov. 9-11.

Read the full Cooperative Network news release here.