Course materials development opportunity: Integrating statistics into classes

Do you want to integrate some quantitative learning into your course?
Do your students struggle to understand some course concepts that are grounded in statistical thinking?
Would you like to develop new materials for your course that address quantitative learning objectives, and would benefit from a team to help you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, consider joining the Spring 2016 course “Instructional Materials Development (IMD): Integrating Statistics into Courses” offered by the Delta Program. In this course, you will work with a team of STEM/SBE and statistics graduate students and/or postdocs to develop, implement, and assess a set of course materials to meet a need in your course. Materials development will be grounded in the foundational knowledge from disciplinary and educational research literature.

You would benefit most from this project-based course if:

  • You teach a course in the STEM or social science disciplines
  • You have, or want to develop, quantitative/statistical learning objectives
  • You can attend a weekly course meeting with your development team

Please contact Jess Maher at, if you are interested in learning more.