Grow’s fall issue features mosquitoes, biofuels and old-growth forests

3af55d98-dd3d-4a00-81e3-5dd1eac93836The fall issue of Grow magazine is now available online. Check it out for exciting features including:

* Bitten—Mosquitoes may love you, but you probably don’t love them back. Entomologist Susan Paskewitz is figuring out why mosquitoes are more drawn to some of us than to others–and she offers some tips on what we can do about it.

* The Future, Unzipped—Biochemist John Ralph and his colleagues have pioneered a technology that could revolutionize how industry produces biofuels and other value-added goods.

* The New Old Forest—Clear-cutting left Wisconsin with few old-growth forests–and fewer of the environmental benefits they provide. CALS has partnered with the DNR and other institutions on a long-term project to learn how such forests can be reestablished and sustainably used.

If you want a print edition of the magazine, you can download a pdf from the Grow website OR drop by room 136 in Ag Hall and pick one up.

Happy fall reading!