Alltech Young Scientist competition offers grad school slot, postdoc job as prizes

The Alltech Young Scientist (AYS) program features the world’s largest agriscience competition. It offers the brightest scientific thinkers from colleges and universities across the globe an opportunity to compete at the highest level and be rewarded for their innovative research. Students are encouraged to join Alltech in pursuit of solutions in animal health and nutrition, crop science, agriculture analytical methods, food chain safety and traceability, human health and nutrition and other agriscience-related sectors, while also gaining valuable experience with the company’s global team.

The first phase of the competition is the nomination. For this phase, students must obtain nomination from professors to participate in the AYS program. A professor nominates students by filling out the AYS nomination form. Nominated students submit an agriscience research paper to enter the regional competition.

Phase two of the competition is the regional competition. Winners of the regional competition go on to the global competition, which involves an all-expenses-paid trip to the Alltech Young Scientist Discovery Week in Lexington, Kentucky.

Prizes: In addition to awarding the winners cash prizes, Alltech will offer the undergraduate winner a fully funded 4-year PhD program, to be agreed upon with the appropriate university and Alltech. The company will also offer the graduate student winner a post-doc position in an Alltech Bioscience Center (in Dunboyne, Ireland or Lexington, Kentucky, US) for up to 2 years.

Here are the relevant materials:

Note: Alltech does not take ownership of the research papers that students submit, but reserves the right to use only the title and abstract for promotional purposes.

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