CALS enologist Nick Smith to discuss Wisconsin wines at WN@TL – Oct. 21

CALS’ new enologist Nick Smith, associate outreach specialist in the food science department, will be the featured speaker at Wednesday Nite @ the Lab this week. Smith’s talk, titled “Wine and Wisconsin: Embracing the Challenges of Cold-Climate Wine Production,” will take place 7:00 – 8:15 p.m. on Oct 21 in room 1111 of the UW Biotechnology Center (425 Henry Mall).

Here’s the presentation information from the WAA website:

Wisconsin has a long history of producing fermented beverages. Today, there are more than 110 wineries in the state producing wine from a range of fruit sources. Beyond the primary concerns regarding winter survival, local grapes pose many challenges to the would-be winemaker. The color, acidity, and flavor of cold-climate grapes are often very different from their Old World cousins. These differences, however, can be embraced, and the result could be world-class wine, if consumers so choose to accept it. This session of Wednesday Night at the Lab will explore the world of cold-climate wine production in Wisconsin and the role UW-Madison is playing in this growing industry.

About the speaker:
Smith is the recently hired enology outreach specialist in the newly developed Fermentation Sciences Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is tasked with identifying the top quality issues in the Wisconsin wine industry. Addressing these issues requires a combined approach of research and outreach. Smith is traveling the state visiting local wineries. He also develops educational classes that address quality issues. Prior to becoming UW’s first Enologist, Smith researched cold-climate grape and wine production at the University of Minnesota.