CALS in the News for the Week of Sept. 28 – Oct. 2, 2015


Scientists working on CRISPR system with protein that edits human DNA offering new advances in genetic engineering
NYC Today 9/27/2015
Quoted: Kate O’Connor-Giles, Genetics

Blue Sky Science: How do cows make milk?
Morgridge Institute for Research 9/28/2015
Quoted: Laura Hernandez, Dairy Science

Dairy science major: what to expect
Agri-View 10/2/2015
Quoted: Kent Weigel, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Ted Halbach, Dairy Science

Vacancies unsustainable for Cooperative Extension
Agri-View 9/29/2015
Quoted: Rick Klemme, Dean, Cooperative Extension

Upper Midwest dairy leaders consider impact of California federal order
The Country Today 9/29/2015
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Ag & Applied Economics, Emeritus

Sharing the responsibility for safety
Wisconsin State Farmer 9/30/2015
Quoted: Cheryl Skjolaas, UW Center for Agricultural Safety and Health

Stoney Acres looks to future of local food
Stevens Point Journal 10/1/2015
Quoted: Tony Schultz, Alumnus, Biological Systems Engineering
Quoted: Kat Becker, Alumna, Rural and Environmental Sociology

Understanding The 2015 Wisconsin Avian Flu Epidemic: The State’s Response
Wisconsin Public Radio 9/30/2015
Quoted: Mark Cook, Animal Science

Drones set to take off over farm fields
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 9/23/2015
Quoted: Brian Luck, Biological Systems Engineering

Honorary Recognition Awards
Eau Claire Leader Telegram, 10/1/2015
Mentioned: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

UW-Madison researchers deploy insect ‘birth control’ to protect cranberries
Wisconsin Agriculturalist 10/1/2015
Quoted: Shawn Steffan, Entomology

Stone’s Throw Urban Farm finds city spaces to grow produce
Minneapolis Star Tribune, 9/27/2015
Quoted: Julie Dawson, Horticulture

More starting farmers are putting down roots on their own land
WISC TV Madison 9/29/2015
Quoted: Connor Willems, Student, Dairy Science
Quoted: Cody Getschel, Student, Dairy Science

KetoMonitor™ model released for Jerseys
Morning AgClips 9/29/2015
Quoted: Heather White, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Tawny Chandler, Dairy Science

Wisconsin Science Festival
Morning AgClips 9/30/2015
Quoted:  Kate VandenBosch, Dean, CALS
Mentioned: Patty Loew, Life Sciences Communication
Mentioned: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication
Mentioned: Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication
Mentioned: Mark Anderson, Biochemistry
Mentioned: Alfred Hartemink, Soil Science

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Is One To Look Out For This Season, Entomologist Says
Wisconsin Public Radio 9/30/2015
Quoted: Phil Pellitteri, Emeritus, Entomology

Tiny insect, big plans
Baraboo News Republic 9/9/2015
Quoted: Chris Williamson, Entomology

When the president calls – Audio
CALS News 10/02/2015
Quoted: Judith Kimble, Biochemistry

A bobbing bounty: Giant Pumpkin Regatta set for Oct. 10 at Memorial Union
Wisconsin Ag Connection 10/2/2015
Quoted: Irwin Goldman, Horticulture
Mentioned: Jim Nienhuis, Horticulture
Mentioned: Lynn Maher, Horticulture
Mentioned: Chris D’Angelo, Horticulture

Of Interest

University of Illinois reduces off-campus crop research, looks to shutter several farms
Fox Business 9/22/2015

The Solar Powered ‘ Farm From A Box’
Energy Matters 9/29/2015