Water Environment Research Foundation seeks SIWM5R13 request for proposal

WERF is seeking proposals to bring together Urban Planning and Water Service sector professionals to document best practices and to explore how planning for the full spectrum of water services can be integrated with the urban development process. The primary goal for this research effort is to identify existing urban planning processes that connect to water resource planning and management, disconnects and barriers in the current approach, and effective ways to bridge the disconnect(s) between urban planners and water resource managers, with the purpose of maximizing the benefit of infrastructure decisions that encourages not only improved service, cost savings, and increased resilience, but also social equity, environmental equity and greater quality of life. The researchers will identify concepts and best practices for the integration of sustainable water resource management and urban planning activities for professionals in both sectors to use. These practices should support the points of interaction, and describe the most important research and tools that would generate more interdisciplinary collaboration.

Anticipated WERF Cost: The total WERF cost / budget for the research effort is US $100,000. The budgeted amount (including in-kind / in-cash contributions) is expected to cover the entire scope of work of the research team.

Anticipated Period of Performance: 12 months (1 year) from notice to proceed (NTP). A NTP anticipated to be issued to selected proposer after Board approval in early October 2015, with an anticipated project start date of December 9, 2015.

Proposals Due: September 23, 2015 (Note: The proposal due date was extended beyond original posting)

Program Areas: Integrated Water
WERF Contact: Theresa Connor, P.E., Program Director
Phone: (571) 384-2105

Supporting Documents:

SIWM5R13 RFP Instructions (PDF)
SIWM5R13 RFP Cover Sheet (DOC)
SIWM5R13 RFP Budget Sheet (XLS)